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My Daddy's Baby
Forgiveness and deliverance are two of the most important and difficult things we will ever have to face in our lives. 

Raquel is being raised by her handsome, eligible bachelor father, Jermaine Marquice Riley III. He loves her immeasurably and sacrifices a great deal to provide the best life for her. Raquel's desire for a mother and a good wife for her daddy are fulfilled when he meets Shela Renee Johnston, ‘The Perfect Woman’. Raquel struggles with telling her dad about a life-changing situation they have encountered. This picture-perfect family's world is turned upside down when skeletons come out of the closet that reveals household secrets never meant to be shared. This is a story of a beautiful family facing adversity with many serious decisions to make. In the end, Raquel still declares, “I am My Daddy’s Baby.”







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My Daddy's Baby Too The Aftermath
Dealing with your past is a must or you can bring others into your turmoil accidentally; with no easy way out. 

Raquel Riley's secret is out, and the love she's longing for can never happen. Meanwhile, her newlywed dad, Jermaine Riley, III, watches as his whole world begins to cave in around him. Jermaine and Raquel learn why dealing with the past is a must to avoid bringing others into your turmoil. Mental imprisonment is equal to physical incarceration and there's no easy way out. In the end, although she's not daddy's little girl anymore, Raquel declares, I'm my daddy's baby, too.



Coming Soon: My Daddy's Baby 3 The End

Coming Soon: How Do You Love Yourself Unconditionally?

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